Soleila is passionate about supporting others to find their personal power and awaken to their innate truths and gifts. 

Drawing from a wealth of life experiences as well as her intuition, empathy, training and education, Soleila has grown as an individual and honed her empathic and intuitive abilities. She now views these skills and challenging experiences as gifts and is able to use those gifts to assist others on their healing journey. 

Soleila is a fully certified Healing Your Life Facilitator after completing the final phase in the spring of 2013. This certification is the result of a four year intensive study with Paul Ferrini. Although she has experienced and trained in numerous therapeutic modalities, Paul Ferrini's work has been the most transforming and healing in her own journey.

Soleila is offering Intuitive/Coaching/Facilitating services in a variety of forms depending on the needs of the individual. The sessions may be one on one in a private setting or in a group session.  They can be held in person, on the phone or Skype or at any other safe space.

Her one on one rate is $60 per hour.        (604) 740-1010