We have officially closed the doors of our retail store so that we can concentrate our energy on our core passions. These are Soleila's healing services, our line of greeting cards and our children's books.

Our new websites to showcase these passions are being developed and will be accessed via the www.soleila.ca and www.naturerocks.ca domains.

Currently these domains point to sub pages on this website.

We are also setting up business pages on Facebook which  can be viewed at www.fb.com/ICareSoleila and www.fb.com/NatureRocks.ca 

Thank you for your support.    :0)
Heaven on Earth
 is a safe sacred space liberally sprinkled with spiritual bread crumbs that engage various facets of the human experience and tickles/entices/invites one to explore the unlimited potential and infinite possibilities that lay along the inner path to the heart.

Recognizing and honouring that, as individual aspects of the divine incarnated in a human body, our realities and truths are personal and perceived. Additionally, free will is our birthright. In light of these parameters we understand that it is an individual choice to explore the paths through ones inner landscape and those paths are as unique as the explorer.

The spiritual bread crumbs are carefully selected, arranged and offered. We have a collection of clothing that is soft, comfortable and colourful to delight the eyes and soothe the body. In the library there is an assortment of books that entertain and inform as well as invite the mind to explore the alternative perspectives. The culinary area has a variety of spices, jams and chocolate delights to tickle the nose and dazzle the tongue. There is a full selection of essential and therapeutic oils and sprays, whose aromas will waft over the body, ease the mind and encourage health. Intermingled among these are crystals, jewelry, music, Buddha statues, Faeries, Angels, Tarot cards, inspirational plaques, cards, art boards, incense, musical instruments, art displays, glass balls, prisms and whatever shiny ‘crumb’ that happens to touch our awareness.

If these facets happen to shine a loving light into your inner world where you recognize an area that you choose to honour and heal, we offer Sanctuary. In the safety of this womb, there is the potential to become aware of these areas of dis-ease in the body/mind/heart/soul. With this awareness it is possible to move toward experiencing a healthier more vibrant life. To facilitate this possibility, we offer a variety of facilitators and modalities to assist and support you through your individual process along your chosen path.


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