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Finding Grumpy Monkey

I still struggle with accepting the amazing stroke of luck in finding this gorgeous creation of Mother Nature. Here he is as we found him laying on the beach. I fell in love with him in an instant. Such a face! There was/is a strong urge to nurture and take care of him.

Then I think, wait a minute, this is a rock I am talking about. When I pondered this urge, I eventually realized I was projecting a shadow side of my psyche. Now I understand that inside of me is a little Grumpy Monkey that wants to be accepted and loved just as he is. This is an aspect of myself that I have shunned, pushed aside and eventually buried deep inside. Now, periodically I am able to create a safe place for him to be himself. It is okay and natural to feel grumpy!

At any rate, the logical side of me gets bent out of shape imagining how this head came to be. Originally the raw materials were circulating around in the belly of the earth. A volcanic eruption spit them onto the crusty surface where they fused as they cooled. Then perhaps an earth quake or landslide caused a piece to break off as the floating mantles slowly come crushing together. Or maybe the last ice age glazier scraped it off the larger chunk.

Some how it found itself in among many other chucks of rock tumbling around in the surf as tides ebbed and flowed while waves washed the shore. With each nudge of a wave the chunks bumped into each other and tiny bits broke off to be deposited on the beach as sand. Slowly over countless years the shapes become rounder and smoother. Every now and then a crack would develop and perhaps another piece split off.

Then for this one roundish rock, some barnacles find a home. Slightly protected by the dent on the one side they flourish and grow. When they have grown too large they poke out beyond the protective boundaries and are knocked off leaving the circular  footings where they were attached to the rock. Ta da, eyes and a nose! Then as a legacy, perhaps the children of the barnacles that became eyes, tiny barnacles plant themselves in the crack at the edge of the dent. Voila, teeth!

What are the odds! It boggles my mind. How many years did he lay there as beach combers wondered up and down the shores? Such good fortune, such a treasure.

We looked around for a suitable rock to become his body. There are so many different kinds of rocks all jumbled together. The one we were looking for had to match the colour and grain of the 'hair' on the head. Within a few minutes and a few feet we found this beautiful body.

What we did not see at first became the second miraculous find of the day. In the center of the oval rock was a near perfect heart. The heart is composed of a harder material than the speckled body and is a light green colour. I see some swirl patterns at the top when I look closely.

Now my logical left brain is going into convulsions trying to rationalize this happen stance. Once again it imagines the sequence of events required to form this shape on this rock on the same beach within a few feet of the head we had minutes before discovered. It fails miserably and collapses in a quivering heap. Now my heart fills with glorious awe and gratitude of the perfection of Mother Nature and the mysterious force that is able to create these miraculous beings.

You and I were also formed by her loving hands.