Spiritual Bread Crumbs

The simple truth to this image is stunningly powerful.

In my reality this speaks to perspective and how subtle and profound it can be on how I experience my life. In another light I see how I create my own dogma around spirituality. From another facet I see how I put those who have apparent power (skills, money, fame, looks, abilities ....) up on a pedestal and bestow upon them titles of authority.

My truth is, I have the ability, capacity and birth right to choose how to interpret my experience. If I choose, I see a dirty rat giving its power away to a scary bat. Or I shift my perspective and see a fellow earth bound being appreciating a fellow flying being.

My experience, my choice, my truth, me.                         :0)     Stacy

Is this where to put stuff.

It has taken me many years to get to this place. Fifty plus years in fact. In the past I have spent so much time and energy trying to fix or change other people. Still, every now and then I slip back into old habits and patterns. 

When I become aware that I am doing it again, usually when the frustration becomes obvious, I do my best to be gentle with myself. After all, it is called a 'practice' for a reason. If I was perfect doing this life thingy, I would probably be bored.    :0)    Stacy


I find this picture to be absolutely brilliant. There is so much symbolism in such a simple photograph.

What I see is the innocence of youth suddenly becoming self aware. Additionally the realization comes from seeing the 'shadow' side. The shadow is cast because a light from  behind projects the image in front. To top it off, the 'shadow' is a very powerful figure who is intent on 'fixing' the wrongs in the world.

How true for me.  In the process of self discovery, I am coming face to face with my 'shadow' fears. These fears are now becoming visible because I choose to shine a light into the depths of my psyche. In doing so, I see how I have projected these fears on those around me. I would then see how 'wrong' they are and I would do my best to 'fix' them. 

In reality, there is nothing wrong with them or me. There is only fears buried deep in side of me for many years. Fears yearning for some unconditional love and acceptance. It is amazing how a little self compassion can be the catalyst for so much healing.         :0)     Stacy